Instructions on How to Sell Ebook on Amazon 

In this article, we are going to discuss about how to sell an eBook on Amazon. If you are interested in this, it could be because you have an eBook to sell, or maybe you just want to know how to do this.

At very first place, you should understand that it is quiet easy to sell an eBook on Amazon. A fee is needed for keeping your book on Amazon, but that fee comes from the eBook sales you make on there. Amazon will take a certain percentage of the payment people make for your books. But the Kindle format is the only one available on Amazon, as opposed to other eBook retailers. The Digital Text Platform on Amazon will automatically convert your eBook to the Kindle format when you upload it there. Here are some very important tips to consider:

1. Type up your eBook as either an HTML file, Microsoft Word Document (not.docks, ), or plain text file. An HTML file will can be converted into the Kindle format very easily. Once that’s done, log-in to your Digital Text Platform (DTP) on Amazon, or create an account.

2. After clicking the “Add New Item” button under the “My Shell” tab, you will have to put the details about your book into the Amazon database by entering the information on the DTP. Starting with the book title, describe the book briefly, in about 4,000 or so. Your pen name needs to also be added in. Buy an ISBN number and enter it in; it’s optional, but since this is how retailers and other book dealers are going to look up your book’s information. Enter all the information necessary into the required fields. You will also need to choose a category for your book from the drop-down menu. Keywords should also be entered for the ebook.

3. You need to enable the Digital Rights Management (DRM), if you don’t want your eBook to be given unauthorized access or to be copied.

4. To upload an image of your cover, click on “Upload Image”. Save your work by clicking “Save Entries”, and then click “Confirm Content Rights”. Choose the territories you want your book to be sold in, and then check the box beside the words, “I confirm the right to upload this content”.
5. After that, upload your book. You need to preview it first. Make any necessary changes to the converted Kindle file. Then, save that to your computer and upload it again; keep doing so until you’re satisfied with your ebook. Enter a price for it and then click publish. This should make the book public.
That is all you need to do get an eBook ready for sale on .